Keep your customers coming back.

HoneyPoints is a cheap and reliable customer loyalty system where you reward your own crypto token

On boarding

Reach out in ways you thought impossible.

Use modern tools to attract new and existing customers.

Reward points to your existing customers for specific online actions like following, retweeting, or subscribing. On offline actions like bringing a friend. Trigger word of mouth from the people that love your brand.

Reward crypto points on each payment, or retweet.

Show your goods and services and name a price. Go full circle with your most loyal clients and accept your own crypto-based HoneyPoints.

You still don´t accept Bitcoin at your store?

We can help!

Since HoneyPoints is powered by the Blockchain you can accept Bitcoin Cash payments directly fromyour app. Reinvest them into your HoneyPoints campaigns to fidelize your customers, or just cash out.
Your HoneyPoints are an SLP token that runs on the BCH. It could be traded in an exchange and eventually gain monetary